Listen to the Podcast, 'Bonaparte'

Laura’s story and 25-year-old cold case is unfolding on the podcast, ‘Bonaparte,’ from Imperative Entertainment and Vespucci Group. Listen to the latest episodes below.

iPhone with Bonaparte Podcast

Carpe Diem | Chapter 10

The podcast generates new leads in the case. Annie pursues them, and reflects on what this quest has meant for her and for others close to Laura.

Samson | Chapter 9

Laura’s son Samson shares his recollections of growing up with Leanne in California, how he came to learn of his mother’s death, and his efforts to connect with his estranged father.

Blood | Chapter 8

Annie uses her legal skills to obtain more evidence, and learns about a potential breakthrough in the case. But she and Leanne have to lobby law enforcement to take action on it.

Bingo | Chapter 7

Jason and Annie review the evidence with a cold case expert and discuss possible theories. Annie speaks with a new eyewitness to Laura’s final hours.

Rift | Chapter 6

Leanne fights for custody of what Laura left behind, and Donnie’s past catches up with him. A child is caught in between.

Teen Spirit | Chapter 5

Laura’s abundant gifts came at a cost — a precarious childhood and a troubled adolescence. She searched for freedom, and lived with consequences.

Confrontation | Chapter 4

The story that witnesses gave police back in 1996 doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, and the pressure seems to be getting to one of those witnesses. Annie tracks him down, but the meeting doesn’t go as planned.

Timeline | Chapter 3

The police file in Laura’s case tells one story about what happened the night she died, but does it add up? Annie decides she has to confront a key witness to find out.

Laura | Chapter 2

Jason and Annie travel to Iowa to find out more about Laura’s life and the mystery surrounding her death.

Annie | Chapter 1

As an accomplished attorney, Annie is used to tackling tough legal challenges. But an unexpected call spurs her to revisit a case more personal than the rest.