Pledge Your Support

Many people have reached out to say they’d like to contribute to the reward. We really appreciate your support. Anne Champion is announcing a match. If people want to pledge to contribute to the reward, she will match those pledges up to $5,000. So if she gets $5,000 in pledges, she will contribute another $5,000 and the reward will be doubled. We are only accepting pledges – so please do not send any money.

The first person who provides new information leading to an arrest & conviction of persons responsible for Laura’s death will be eligible for the reward. Those who make a pledge will only be asked to fulfill their pledge if someone comes forward with information that meets the criteria for earning the reward.

Thank you for caring about solving Laura’s case!

Help Us Increase the Reward & Solve the Crime

Send a message through our ChampionforLaura Facebook Messenger or use the tipline email form or send an email directly to (

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